Kärnäkoski fortress

Kärnäkoski fortress is situated in beautiful Finnish countryside close to Savitaipale. Fort was built on isthmus between Lake Saimaa and Lake Kuolimo. Fort was built at end of the 1700s. Fort was part of the fort chain that was built to protect St. Petersburg. Not a single fight was fought in these grounds, and the fort lost its meaning only 16 years after it was build.


In this trip you get the chance to experience history from 300 year ago. The guide will tell you stories and history of the fort.

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Relevant  information

Price: 200€/ group

Price includes: Guide service

Extra service: Private bus transport to the field, snack or meal

Group size: 10-50 persons

Payment: Cash or bill/invoice

Duration: 1 hours

Language: English of Finnish

Activity available: May-October

Location: Savitaipale, Kärnäkoski -village

Alcohol policy: No alcohol

Requirements: Normal physical health

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Business owner: Teemu Virtanen

Phone: +35840 588 0738

Email: teemu@saimaanpalju.fi

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200€/ group

Guide service

Private bus transport to the field, snack or meal

10-50 persons

Cash or bill/invoice

1 hours

English of Finnish


Savitaipale, Kärnäkoski -village

No alcohol

Normal physical health